United States ex. rel. Joseph v. The Brattleboro Retreat

U.S. District Court, District of Vermont

It gets even better folks!  Please note, former United States Attorney Tristram Coffin's stunning admission that while he was U.S. Attorney he encountered violators of the federal False Claims Act but felt the penalties demanded by Congress were too severe!  Prosecutorial discretion was never intended to allow a historic healthcare provider to embezzle millions and escape justice.  Attorney Tristram Coffin admitted letting fraudsters off the hook and now represents the same client he helped escape justice in his new position as counsel for The Brattleboro Retreat as Director of Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC.

The Brattleboro Retreat's Historic Fraud
Brattleboro, Vermont

All statements on this website represent opinions formulated by relator Thomas Joseph.  All opinions related to the allegations of fraud or those who had knowledge of the Retreat's transactional behavior can be substantiated in the 59 page unsealed federal complaint which represents a public disclosure.  Additionally, Vermont State Auditor Douglas Hoffer has possession of all evidence given the state and federal governments - - therefore, all evidence given law enforcement represent a public disclosure.  The facts, as alleged, are specific, explicit and damning.  Finally, all graphics and photographs are original material and/or have been digitally altered from original work.

Indeed, the Vermont Professional Responsibility Board ("VT PRB") has been formally accused of a cover up of attorney misconduct involving Attorney Elizabeth R. Wohl of Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC who is the spouse of State Senator Becca Balint from Windham County.  Read for yourself the stunning evidence the VT PRB has swept under the rug here:

Formal litigation having ended in November 2014, The Brattleboro Retreat's Nashville-based defense Attorney Matthew M. Curley of Bass, Berry & Sims PLC was under formal investigation for ethical misconduct for an entire year!  While the Vermont Professional Responsibility Board ("VT PRB") didn't bother to review or investigate co-conspirator Attorney Elizabeth R. Wohl of Downs, Rachlin Martin PLLC, the State of Tennessee has shown everyone that the "VT PRB" lacks a credible attorney disciplinary program.   

"The Brattleboro Retreat seeks to paint itself as a victim.  In the Retreat's version, the Retreat is a partner of the U.S. and state governments, a benevolent provider of mental health counseling and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.  ​The facts, however - specific, explicit and damning - tell a very different story.  In return, the Retreat exploited that arrangement by double and triple billing and pocketed millions more by pulling an accounting sleight of hand to move payments owed to the government off its books." 

~~Excerpts from the Opposition to The Brattleboro Retreat's Motion to Dismiss​​ filed on behalf of Relator Thomas Joseph by his former Attorneys, Mr. Rich Cassidy of Hoff Curtis, P.C.  located in Burlington, Vermont and Mr. Timothy Cornell of Gardner Cornell, P.C. located in Boston, Massachusetts.